May 22


|vermectin Information

By HFTeam

May 22, 2021

Why is this effective, safe, proven preventive and treatment for Covid BANNED in so many places? 

Why was this peer reviewed research paper pulled?

Paper on Ivermectin pulled from academic  pharmacology journal PULLED after successful peer review
Protest letter:

Top telegram feeds for getting medical advice on using |vermectin as a preventive or treatment

Frontiers in Pharmacology Research Topic “Treating COVID-19 With Currently Available Drugs”.

The recent extraordinary and unprecedented actions by Frontiers in the rejection of the review manuscript “REVIEW OF THE EMERGING EVIDENCE DEMONSTRATING THE EFFICACY OF IVERMECTIN IN THE PROPHYLAXIS AND TREATMENT OF COVID-19” and the original research manuscript “HOSPITALIZED COVID-19 PATIENTS TREATED WITH CELECOXIB AND HIGH DOSE FAMOTIDINE ADJUVANT THERAPY SHOW SIGNIFICANT CLINICAL RESPONSES” after review and acceptance of each manuscript by four/five well qualified peer reviewers (during final validation) is what has prompted our collective resignation.

89 Studies showing the safety and effectiveness of |vermectin

Front Line Covid 19 Critical Care Alliance - Dr Rory
I Mask Prevention and Early Outpatient Treatment Protocol for Covid 19 - for use consulting with your doctor

|vermectin - research updates

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