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By HFTeam

May 22, 2021

Shot in the Dark, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. MILITARY FORCED TO TAKE SHOTS!!! Moderna vaccine...Look what happened! Look what happened!

@PatriotTransitionVoice Author of "Inoculated" warns that mRNA vaccines are deadly experiments with unknown consequences

Dr. Coleman-WIPE OUT HUMANS-@PatriotTransitionVoice JAB DEATHS

MOTHER 34, dies after 2nd jab: report Doctor testifies re virus plan 33 PAGES TO SAY MASKS DON’T MEAN DIDDLEY AND PEOPLE SHOULD STOP WEARING THEM..33 pages!

STAGED CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC An International Criminal Conspiracy of Epic Proportions The Most Premeditated and Highly Organized Depopulation Scheme in World History CANADIAN GUY DROPS TRUTH BOMBS ABOUT COVID AND HIS TRAVELS

COVID = BINARY WEAPON: Idaho burns masks! 5G Kill Zones

5-G KILL GRID: and NURSES FALLING ILL EU council: NO MANDATORY VACCINES/no discrimination: MASSIVE CLASS ACTION—NUREMBERG STYLE TRIALS TO BE HELD OVER COVID-19 SCAM embedded video by Dr. Vernon Coleman—important! Dr. Lee Meritt on – excellent info on workings of virus and the binary aspects of the vax DIRE WARNING – HALT VACCINES

========Page 1 of 12============ ITALY SUES VACCINE MAKER FOR DEATHS MAN DIES 1 DAY AFTER THE SHOT DR. SHERRY TENPENNY 3-6 months to kill DR. COLEMAN—BIGGEST HOAX IN HISTORY GEN. McINERNY-Latest on vaccine > REASONING Edward Snowden: how to say no (lack of consent) UK Dr. Mike Yeadon – re needle/death/Nov 2020/critique

Im worried my wife is a nurse got the vaccine and 2 weeks after 2nd dose she's has heart issues , look let me be clear I don't know if its the vaccine or not the doctors won't say she had no problems before now she's on medication and I just watch her TAKE A FUCKING NITRO PILL WTF is going on thats all I want to know and I WILL find out (25 March 2021) Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Fauci was part of the plandemic, and instrumental in illegally sending nearly $4 million of taxpayer dollars to the Wuhan lab to continue gain-of-function/bioweapon studies on Covid-19, after these studies were outlawed in the US. > pro says vax will cause re-doubling of covid > HOW TO GET MEDS HCQ and Ivermectin VACCINES = REINFECTION << POST THIS


=========Page 2 of 12============= Dr. Vernon Coleman – re-edit Covid Hoax-Avoid Vaccines MASS VX BIG DANGER Dr.Geert Vanden Bossche
Deaths, Anaphylaxis, And Other Vaccine Adverse Effects (March 16th 2021 – USA) COVID,GATES,FAUCI,BRIX,VACCINES,NWO..COINCIDENCE?

DR. TENPENNY—DANGERS OF MASKS: 85 docs/nurses come out against VAX Man’s skin burns, swells,peels off after J & J vax Comment: That means I survived another whole week from a deadly global pandemic with a 99.98% recovery rate without getting the shot. Comment: They died from getting the Vaccine. Before this is over with, my prediction is that millions will die from getting this NON-vaccine; AND Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci and many others will become RICHER AND RICHER; BECAUSE there will be no end to these shots. In the UK, they are giving the third COVID 19 shot to people. Bill Gates has admitted that the vaccines are the way to go, that this is where the money is. COVID 19 is all about MONEY, POWER AND CONTROL OF AMERICANS. They have most everyone living in fear, and America locked up at home, no job and no money, waiting on a handout from the Government.

Shock Photos: Mom Suffers Agonizing Rash All Over Body Following AstraZeneca Vaccine

The Truth About PCR Tests Pissing on you for a year > NWO WOMAN CONVULSES AFTER SHOT Vit D per MD

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4 mRNA vaccine can cross blood-brain barrier, enter brain cells via ACE2 receptors, produce COVID-19 spikes in the brain cell walls, have those brain cells killed by our natural immune response, and can anyone see acute necrotizing encephalitis in the future!!! Acute Necrotizing Encephalitis!!!  4-4-21 Patriots > MemeFortheWin WHAT’S IN GATES’ VACCINE…  VAX PEOPLE = WALKING BIO TIME BOMBS (From

IVERMECTIN OBLITERATES COVID-19, SARS2 by FreeFire BlondeBombshell88 1 point  ago +1 / -0 My 67 year old dad took it - he recovered from covid well. My aunt and uncle got vaccinated and they currently have covid worse than he did

Staplehawk 2 point  ago +2 / -0 I had it. Ivermectin with steroid blasted Covid, within an hour felt great.

Spez_Isacuck I was taking Ivermectin prophylacticly when I went to see GEOTUS speak on Jan 6. Everyone in my travel group got china virus but me while we were there.

jumpy2021 2 point  ago +2 / -0 Best thing I’ve done was to get on it! And inexpensive.



VACCINE BACKFIRES: March 2021 Midwin Charles, CNN Legal Contributor, 47, Dies After Getting mRNA Vax

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5 Dr.Cole on COVID— (from PFIZER VP: VAX IS EVIL

This confirms the research done by Carlita Shaw. She tested 1500 samples of supposed Covid 19 and found influenza A and B, mostly A. The CDC wouldn't or couldn't produce a purified sample of Covid 19. Her group is suing the CDC for covid fraud. – COUNTRIES BANNING VAX LEFT,RIGHT KILLING US WHO CAN’T RECOMMEND TAKING 2 TYPES OF VAX (??) Canadians dragged from homes and vaccinated!Hospitals empty. UNPRECEDENTED LEVEL OF SICKNESS CDC COMES CLEAN: 94% deaths=other causes

Leigh Dundas, attorney:  rant re forced covid vax-------- RFK,JR.--don/t take the jab!!

UK “passports” mandate scam:

Australia: Tactics for Covid are falling apart

Gain-of-function on pathogens to dimming the sun...Gates: <<< on Dr. Charlie Ward (+ others) 4-18-21 ===============Page 5 of 12================


NEEDLE NEWS -- LINKS TO INFO ON VAXX (4) Effects of wearing MASKS DR. LEE MERRITT—Masks make no difference in viral transmission

NEJM Writeup:

Atlantic Article:

Moderna Clinical Study Protocol:


on Gab: Go to Thrive Time on Rumble. They will be putting up all the speakers on rumble, soon. We had NO MASKS and NO SOCIAL DISTANCING! NONE! People came from all over the USA. 3 million watched the live conference. Clay Clark is wanting to do these conferences all over the USA. Lin Wood, Gen Flynn and many more spoke. It was an amazing conference. (4,000 tickets sold and 50,000 were on a waiting list) (^add this)

Friend of my cousin has a mother (she's an older woman) who got the J&J vaccine. Was hospitalized for clots. Has been in a coma for over a week and just had her leg amputated due to complications from the clots. This shit is NUTS. (Gab, 18 April 2021 Sunday) <<<KIDS’ BLOOD CLOT DISORDER

I was listening to BardsFM interviewing Del Bigtree yesterday and Del said that awhile back the CDC hired Harvard Medical School to dig into VAERS, they came back and said that they are capturing less than 1% of injuries and death.

@downtownjuliebrown @SomeBitchIKnow for sure!!! I still function as a medic in a high volume department, adverse reactions to the experimental biological product are so common that they are being blown off as “normal”!!!! No reporting going on as far as I can tell. Seizures, aloc w/ fever local neuro! “No big deal”!!! Unreal

@downtownjuliebrown @SomeBitchIKnow  yes, many cases including our own firemen. What would be defined as an adverse event with actual vaccines (and only 1% of those go to VAERS) is routinely dismissed as “normal”. This is a direct result of Continuing Education (marketing propaganda) pushed by the medical-Pharma-bureaucracy on medical providers. Yes it is criminal!

@SomeBitchIKnow My friend got her covid shot and now can’t go to work, is now on powerful blood thinners and might need a new liver due to multiple blood clots. (18 April 2021 Sunday) TONY ROBBINS RANT good stats!

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