June 14


Former Pfizer VP, Dr Mike Yeadon

By HFTeam

June 14, 2021

Summary of Video

Del Bigtree interviews Dr Yeadon. He left Pfizer on good terms for other research work, but he has serious concerns about the pandemic origin and response. 

Yeadon tried to get on TV to get the word out - no TV or radio out of 3000 would talk to him except this channel and Children's Health Network, plus one UK tabloid. He's had a 32 year career but never an activist, anti-vaxxer, etc - msm lied about him. When he was at Pfizer, it was ok; doesn't recognize what they are doing now. Very rarely ran into this kind of This is medical malfeasance.

  • Explanation of the PCR Tests misused and the dangers of false positives at 90%+
  • Covid DOES create lasting immunity
  • Spike proteins loose in the body is proven
  • Dangers to fertility in future months and yrs

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PCR Tests

First: PCR is set with way too many cycles. Probably at least .7

Second: those who are non-symptomatic but w/positive PCR test have enough virus in their system to infect others.

[This is the foundation, btw, for legal cases be prepped by lawyer Reiner Fuellmich and others in his network around the world]

Sar-CoV-1: mostly a disease of institutions, same for Sar-Cov-2.

So many lies told:

- they exaggerated the lethality

- they said virus is novel (therefore no immunity) - not true, many have prior immunity from other covid viruses (e.g., sars-covi-1)

- there are no treatments

- high-cycling pcr is a valid test (shouldn't be higher than 25 cycles max)

- asymptomatic spread is possible (not possible)

- lockdowns don't work bc they don't target INFECTIOUS contacts (just total contacts)

(symptomatic people generally stay home; people who are out in the community avoid sick people; most infections occur in institutions - believes 90%+)

- variants are dangerous (nope- difs between original and variants are TINY, antibodies can easily handle that dif)


Dangers of False Positives

Covid does create lasting immunity

Recently, an immunologist took blood from people who have had Sars-CoV-1 17 years ago: they still had T cell immunity. it will probably will last FOR LIFE.

Spike proteins travel through, collect and damage the whole body

During his career, Yeadon studied the "mechanisms of toxicity":

When he looked at gene-based vaxxes, every one contains a genetic code for spike protein. Within 5 mins, found 3 papers that worried him. Showed spike proteins are toxic. The gene-based systems make a toxin inside a person's body. Couldn't believe it.

There's no way all of the spike proteins will stay in the injection site for all people. They will leak. Means for certain that some people will get blood clots. Talked to Dr. Bhakdi and another doc. When he found out the govt's were going to approve it, it was "quite upsetting."

mRNA vaxxes have problems, haven't been solved yet. mRNA vax isn't like our RNA; it's a synthetic chemical, otherwise your enzymes would destroy it in minutes. - No one's ever done the toxicology on it.

- They don't know where it moves to in the body and what does it once it gets there.

- They don't know how much spike protein is produced either.

Yeadon started Doctors for Covid Ethics with other docs. Used a professional newswire to get the word about the truth. Sent a notice to 3000 news orgs - only the Highwire and Children's Health Defense responded. That frightened him.

Why these are the most dangerous vaxxes EVER:

- normal vax: mostly dead virus

- covid mRNA vaxxes: multi-step release of a toxin, none of the results of each step is measured. Depending on the person, they could be ok - or they could have a combo that is lethal.

Dangers to fertility in future months and years

Q from Del on bad effects of syncetin on fertility: would antibodies attack it?

probability isn't high but effects, if they occur, are devastating

they didn't see binding to syncetin , which is basically the outer layer of the placenta

BUT when Yeadon looking at the results DID see binding; he'd contra-indicate the vaxxing of pregnant women, "this is reckless endangerment" like thalidomide

The antibodies may attack the placenta in pregnant women or create a future auto-immune disease

You do toxicology first, not clinical trials.

Polyethelene glycol - lipid used in some vaxxes.

Some people are allergic to it. Elicited anaphylaxis the first day - this is still happening.

Whoever is organizing the lies seems to want large numbers of deaths.

Every govt is using the same lies. Coincidence? not possible.

Why is a vax passport needed? It's not. And now they want boosters.

Whoever has control of those passports HAS CONTROL OVER YOU.

It's really about electronic individual ID.

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